Herbal Medicine

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Regaining one’s health is a process of self-discovery!

I practice a type of acupuncture largely rooted in the tradition of Five Element Acupuncture. This approach assigns an element-type (Fire, Earth, Metal, Water, or Wood) to each person. Your tendency to respond according to your element guides the course of the treatment and the herbs that work best for you.

I have studied herbal prescription for over 10 years with Dr. C.S. Cheung. He is one of the best translators of medical case studies from Chinese into English in the world. He also practiced as an M.D. in the U.S. His books discuss in detail how master herbalists in China have cured the most serious types of disease.

I completed a Ph.D. in Biochemistry and did medical research for 10 years before entering acupuncture school. I try to keep up, on a basic level, with scientific discoveries relating to medicine.

Points on the SkinPoints on the SkinAll Photos by Garry Bailey (garrybly@onebox.com)

Did you know that most diseases are “mosaic”?

Even though we give names like “hypertension” to a person’s symptoms, each person has a different journey, with different insults to their health that end up being diagnosed as “hypertension”. Therefore, one drug can not possibly cure all the different mosaic forms of hypertension.

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) approaches all diseases as if they are mosaic. Each person’s symptoms are a unique constellation. These symptoms require unique treatment for each person.